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ISO Authentic Relationship & Community in a Global Church Body v. Branded Resumes & Recognition in a local church body in order to Belong & Participate.

All people are Imago Dei not assets to be used and shuffled around as commodities according to non-biblical biases, favoritism and preferences.

Examples observed and experienced:

  • Brand new believers/converts placed in ministry leadership in opposition to clear Scripture guidance against such
  • Brand new members lay leading fellowship groups without prior onboarding, as required for general membership
  • Affluent-only group fellowship lay leadership due to personal home-only venues without alternatives for poorer potential lay leaders
  • Support for third-party community ministries (other churches), but not for those already within the general membership
  • Insistence on the representation of the local church body for church-sponsored-only ministry rather than supporting the general member in reaching out to the community in a ministry or service simply requiring a venue open to the public

I am not my resume. My value exists apart from my resume, apart from others’ agendas and assumptions. I don’t belong to the local branded church entity for its use according to its Stepford Clone mold. The local brand serves and shepherds God’s people not vice versa according to His instructions. The local brand is one of many in the global body at large. We all need to be working on the same team, not as these individual entities of denominational factions and doctrinal divisions.

I represent and pledge allegiance only to the Higher Authority who is over all of the many local brands.

Shema Israel Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Echad! Baruch Shem K’vod Malchuto L’olam V’aed.





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