“Freehead” is a term borrowed by sci-fi author, Kerry Nietz, to refer to the freedom to think critically for oneself, which is what I’m doing here on this blog. Thank you Kerry Nietz for your inspiration (and I hope you don’t mind)! ♥

“A little bit of this and that, and some of the other” was a phrase I picked up while reading the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes stories by Conan Doyle. It was a large book and I’m sorry I didn’t make a note of where I found this phrase. In either event, this phrase perfectly describes my goal to present multiple viewpoints for two-way discussion on various topics, especially the missing voice in the broad topics of art, education, health, and fitness, in which I’m licensed and certified, and my own spiritual beliefs. I am very interested in engaging with you in a real dialogue on the these posts (and by dialogue I don’t mean trolling and flaming).

Since I mentioned them, you may view my licenses and certifications on the “Main” page which sends you to my website home page. Just select “Highly Qualified” to view my credentials there.

As with my other social media accounts, I’m not sure if anyone will read any of this, or care, but thanks for visiting! I look forward to our, hopefully monthly, discussions. 😀

♥ Dr. Kerrie